Self- Massage


We can convey so much tenderness through touch yet our hands are also quite powerful. Consider getting in the habit of knowing where the sore spots in your body are. Many people have no idea that such places are present, until they explore and make these valuable discoveries.

Yogic medicine (Ayurveda), the earliest form of mind-body medicine, describes the body as crystalized mind and purports whatever flows through the mind has an immediate effect upon the body. In this way, tender spots in the body are somewhat like a divining rod, pointing the way to where we hold our tension so we can learn to pay attention to our habits that direct it there.

Use the KISS method: Keep it simple and sensate. At the end of your bath or shower, use your hand like a gentle squeegee, gliding SLOWLY over your skin to slough off the water before toweling off. Cover the terrain of your whole body, including scalp, face and soles of feet. Get to know the places that feel dull and those that feel comforting and those that are particularly sensitive.

You will learn to recognize patterns of areas frequently calling for attention. Heat? Cold? Ointment? Massage roller? Be curious. Enjoy experimenting with what feels the most comforting or energizing.