Cheryl Van Demark has provided me valuable insight on health and healing. After experiencing an injury to my spine and completing outpatient physical therapy through a local provider, my symptoms of residual pain, feelings of vulnerability and decreased stability around the site of the injury remained present.  As a method for self-managing my symptoms, I started practicing yoga and pursued therapeutic yoga services with Cheryl. I found that her intervention and treatment of my injury surpassed what I experienced during rehabilitation. Cheryl helped me understand that in order to heal my physical body, in conjunction with further developing strength, flexibility, and alignment, I must also address my thoughts, feelings, and emotions about my injury, my healing process and my personal responsibility toward my own health and wellbeing. Through her clinical expertise and guidance, and use of yoga postures, breathing techniques, visualization, and communication, Cheryl empowered me to take responsibility for my own healing, and symptom management. Her teaching continues to be a great source of influence in optimizing my personal health and well-being. I am continually grateful

– Amy McVickers, P.T., M.Ed.. ATP, 500 CYT

We’ve been seeing Cheryl for many years now, for various sore muscle/injury issues, and always find her hands-on, deep muscle treatments extremely beneficial and comforting.  She listens to our concerns, and then shares her insights on possible injury type, and how we can help ourselves to alleviate the problem, whether it’s continued therapy with her, at-home therapy, or a visit to the Doctor.   Cheryl is caring, concerned for our well-being, and treats the whole person, not just the injury site.  We are convinced that she has healing hands, and she is always our first source of help and information!

– Shirley Carissimo and Jon Curry

Cheryl is one of two professionals I have let touch my complicated back and rest in the assurance that she and her hands know what they are doing!  She is an exceptional Physical Therapist.  Her Yoga Therapy has been invaluable in providing me with the spiritual wisdom to take charge of my life in new and effective ways with the limitations and pain that have occurred as I age. She augments this with her teaching capacities. I am so grateful at her ability to explain and patiently wait for me to understand what she is teaching me to do!  And she is right here in the Tri-City area!!  What a gift!

– Shri Estes, Paulden AZ