What is Integrative Physical Therapy?

Integrative Physical Therapy (IPT) regards both movement and stillness as essential to support health, healing and well-being. Creating a right balance of enjoyable movement /activity and comfortable stillness/rest is a dynamic process unique to each of us. IPT sessions work with you to create enjoyable movement experiences, manual therapies and guided stillness practices that may generate insights that help you recognize right balance for YOU. IPT practice is guided by evidence informed medicine and time tested practices from a variety of wisdom traditions. It is valuable complement to integrative self-care practices.

Both the tag line, Because Your Movement Matters  and this company’s name, Health in Motion  message the importance of movement.

Matter is that which occupies space and has mass. Energy is the capacity to move matter. Your body (as matter) is a community of trillions of cells amazingly comprised of only 4 elements: oxygen, hydrogen, carbon & nitrogen. The energy that moves cells to configure in unique forms and to organize into the varied tissue types making up human body systems(muscular, cardiovascular respiratory, etc) presently eludes modern science. Atomic and subatomic levels of matter contain far more space than matter! Every cell has intracellular and extracellular space in which movement is continually happening.

Mindfulness is a state of kind attention to  what presently happening around us and within us. Applied to movement, mindfulness makes us more aware of how we move through space. We learn to notice our bodily sensations ( warmth, breath, heart beat, muscle tension, gut gurgles etc), thoughts and emotions that accompany  our physical actions and behaviors.  Mindfulness applied to our movement can make it meditative, a soothing stepping stone into meditation where we become still to turn our attention more deeply into the spaces within us and where insight may arise.

Interested to Integrate Physical Therapy with Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy  is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga. 

Your yoga therapy exploration is taken through the lens of the yogic view of the human as sheathed in 5 treasures. These originate from subtle fields of energy, beginning with spirit and consciousness), evolve into mind, then eventually take gross physical form as  body empowered with vital energies.  Yoga views the body to be constituted by a combination of five interrelated elements: Earth Water Fire Air and Space; each related to unique aspects of our anatomy, physiology and the various energies (thermal,chemical,electrical,mechanical) that control the body.

Following your yoga therapy evaluation, your therapeutic services are ideally provided in an group of a minimum of 3 sessions:

  1. evaluation of your 5 treasures and introduction to paying attention to them
  2. instruction in yoga tools for practices suited to your needs
  3. follow up assessment of effects of practices

Your yoga therapy services may be continued on a session by session basis thereafter.

Interested to Integrate Physical Therapy with Reiki?

Cheryl Van Demark invites interested clients to receive Reiki as part of your therapeutic session. Reiki may be understood as a universal healing energy we can choose to experience through practitioners who have been trained and attuned to sense and share its flow with you. Reiki evolved as a Japanese healing art that is now practiced world-wide. It is not affilitated with any religion. Healing Reiki energy wisely guides itself, acting via the practitioner’s hand placements on or over the receiver’s body. Cheryl is certified in both the Usui Level2 and Holy Fire Reiki master practices.
Follow this link to learn more about what to expect from Reiki Sessions

Interested to Integrate Bodywork?

While both Yoga Therapy and Reiki practices wisely guide reintegration of the multiple forms of energy empowering our body systems, not everyone is comfortable with engaging in these practices.  There are many pathways to well-being that enhance our mind-body integration. Integrative PT practice works with you in this process, honoring your culture and belief systems.
Our myofascial system often benefits from the addition of direct/ hands on mobilization of its various soft tissues to restore optimal joint and postural alignment, fluid movement and to recognize and relieve tension patterns. Cheryl Van Demark, PT  has developed a wide range of manual therapy skills that she adapts to meet the needs and comfort of each patient she has the honor to treat.