Speaking Engagements

Cheryl has offered engaging learning experiences promoting heath and well-being throughout her 40 year career. Her passion as an educator, therapist and writer is bridging teachings and practices from the wisdom traditions into health care to facilitate healing for all.

YRMC Healthy Conversations – Welcome Self-Compassion into Your Life

Into each life some rain must fall

These words are more than song lyrics or a familiar expression to Cheryl Van Demark, PT, C-IAYT, Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC). They’re part of a self-compassion practice Van Demark teaches in the YRMC Self-Care Program for Chronic Pain called RAIN”Recognize, Allow, Investigate and Nurture. RAIN is from the work of psychotherapist Tara Brach, PhD.

Sprinkle Some RAIN into Your World

During Practicing Self-Compassion, a YRMC Healthy Conversations presentation, Van Demark teaches you how to practice RAIN and introduces you to the benefits of self-compassion.

RAIN is a template for a self-compassion practice that can either be brief or lengthy, according to your individual needs, she explained.

Professional Development Opportunities

Cheryl is a teacher and course reviewer for MEDBRIDGE. Her courses are listed below. Contact Cheryl to engage your community today for in-person learning experiences!  Or take the courses on-line if you subscribe to MEDBRIDGE.


Group Contemplative Movement Practices

Cheryl’s decade of yoga teaching experience allows her to craft a delightful, comforting and accessible yoga based mindful movement practice for your group. An embodied experience of principles in practice provides an opportunity to deeply embed learning.

Presentation Fee: $100 / hour plus travel expenses

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