Persistent discomfort may be an intuitive call for your kind attention.

Recognizing the need to take better care of yourself, but unsure where and how to begin?

Begin where you are. The root of the word “integration” is the Latin integrare-to make whole. Feeling comfortably whole arises when we are integrated in body-mind and spirit. The really good news is such integration is actually our natural state.

Nurture your nature. Sustaining our integration calls for nurturance throughout our lifespan, in the form of self-care. In fact, practicing self-care reflects a human virtue: compassion. Compassion refers to our ability to recognize suffering ( in self and others) coupled with a heart-felt desire to act to relieve it. Persistent discomfort in body, mind, breath, emotions or spirit intuitively suggests suffering (dis-integration of our natural state) is present. Wisdom traditions from many cultures all suggest suffering is existential and finding freedom from suffering involves  both inwardly and outwardly directly practices to restore one’s state of integration/wholeness.

Gather resources. Paying kind attention to ourselves is the first step in developing self-compassion; a trainable skill and key resource for resilience. Resilience allows us to heal from adversity and ultimately to thrive. Practicing self-compassion is unselfish as it is ultimately generative of compassion for others.  Self-compassion and resilience are foundations of self-care. The question of which self-care practices serve you well will be answered over time by the result of your experience with the practices you choose to follow.

Follow time-tested pathways.  In the present age of information, we are inundated with advertisement suggesting some product or workshop will provide a quick fix. But recall, we are not actually broken- just in need of re-integration of body, mind and spirit. It helps to follow inward and outward paths for re-discovering the treasure of our wholeness that have been mapped and walked by many generations of people.  Integration of traditional practices of Yoga and Reiki with physical therapy and self-care provide a path .  Now really may be the best time for you to answer your intuitive call.

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