Self Appreciation

The Yoga tradition describes the human being as having five bodies described as treasures: a body, systems of energy that animate and operate the body, a mind and emotions that experience the world through the body’s sensory systems, an intuitive mind-body that witnesses and processes all experiences and a spiritual body from which all other treasures arise, yet untouched by them. This provides a schematic for appreciating each of your five treasures.

  1. Select a body part that is today’s favorite. Explore your choice.
  2. Decide to marvel about any aspect of how your body created the energy you needed to have done whatever you did today!
  3. Be curious about whatever is presently attracting (or distracting) your attention and how this is interacting with whatever emotion you are feeling right how that is determining your mood.
  4. Realize how wonderous and empowering it is to have a brain capable of bearing witness to its own thoughts and emotions!
  5. Grow quiet, place your hands over your heart as a dwelling place of your spirit and appreciate the source of your treasures¦¦.