Face Fear

Fear is a natural part of life. Without it, we would not have evolved as a species. Fear is a powerful motivator and instructive, as long as we become aware of what we are fearing, when we are fearing it, how fear feels in our body and how it is directly influencing our behavior. Fear can be stealthy. Sometimes it shows up as restlessness or even paradoxically as anger.

And so, witnessing how and when fear arises is a practice for thriving. Bringing to a conscious level what we fear about ourselves, others and interacting with one another, then asking ourselves if we know what we fear to be true? If it is true, we can avoid what may cause harm. If it is false, we can learn how to get fear to stand down in the body using any of the many breath practices in these Take 5 to Thrive posts.

If fear feels like it dominates your life despite these types of practices, consider seeking professional help to heal.